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Broom-makers of the Banjara community
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Dimensions of Development

The Broom Project attempts to link its cultural research on the broom to the larger realities of development. How can culture be an active and dynamic force in the understanding of development? We wish to call attention to the following problems and challenges:

Roadside settlement of a Bagariya family
Making strips of a rubber tube
  • health hazards of broom-making communities, whose bodies are directly affected in the making of brooms and the collection of materials,
  • new designs of broom production in collaboration with broom-makers and professional designers,
  • the possibilities of dialogue between city officials and rag-pickers, cleaners, and citizens on the critical issue of waste management,
  • education for the children of broom-making families who are part of the labour force,
  • social and political rights of broom-making communities.

To deepen the 'process of learning' beyond the boundaries of the museum, the Broom Project actively seeks collaborations with different groups of people from the university, NGOs, and the museum world.

How can a museum make a difference to the lives of people? Can it activate the process of social development without instrumentalizing culture?

We welcome suggestions and collaborative possibilities in response to these questions. Please write back to
Brooms in Public Spaces - Photographs by Navroze Contractor

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