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Meena women at the museum
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Making of the Museum
Museum site in 2004

In its tranquil surroundings, it is hard to believe that the site of the museum was once an abandoned sandstone mine surrounded by a harsh and dry terrain. Today, with water-harvesting, the crater of the mine has been transformed into a lake which has become the haunt and nesting ground of birds, notably the peacock.

The landscape with its sedimentary rock formations remains harsh, but the soil has been nurtured to accommodate a rich biodiversity of indigenous grasses, cactus, and the resilient trees of the desert - khejri, ker, ber, rohira, kumbat.


All these aspects of biodiversity, geology, and water-harvesting are part of an interactive learning process. The outside and inside of the museum are interrelated. We pay tribute to the ecological foundations of people's knowledge, which is not a thing of the past, but a resource for rebuilding the present.

Museum site in 2008


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