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Routes to the Museum
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Routes to the Museum

The 10-acre site of the museum is located in the village of Moklawas, which is approximately 23 kilometers outside Jodhpur. There are three routes to the museum (See Map), which have cultural and religious landmarks along the way.

About eight kilometers to the west of Jodhpur on the State highway to Jaisalmer, one passes the famous Kaylana Lake (also known as Pratap Sagar), which is an artificial lake that was originally built in 1872 by Pratap Singh, a former Prime Minister of Jodhpur. Covering 84 square kilometers in area, the lake is the sole surface water source for the drinking water supply of Jodhpur city.

Kaylana Lake
Barli Temple

Other landmarks include the Machia Safari Park and the Kala-Gora Temple in the village of Barli, which is dedicated to the guardian deity of Bhaironji.

At the cross-roads of the Arna-Jharna Phanta, where the highway continues to Jaisalmer, there is another road to Jodhpur via the undulating hills and fertile valley of Chokha and the picturesque Umeid Sagar.

In the immediate neighbourhood of the museum are a traditional goshala and bakrashala, animal sanctuaries for hundreds of cows and goats, respectively, which are patronized by the Oswal Jain community. This area is popularly identified as Dharampura by the local villagers.

Beyond the museum lies the Arneshwar Mahadeva Shiva Mandir, whose annual mela on Kartik Purnima and Bhogishal Yatra held every three years attract thousands of pilgrims.


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