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Project team on the field
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Project Team
This is the team that has worked towards realizing the Broom Project, which is the museum's first undertaking.
Rustom Bharucha Rustom Bharucha - Project Director

Rustom Bharucha is an independent writer, director and cultural critic. He is the author of several books on interculturalism, secularism, and globalization including Theatre and the World, The Question of Faith, In the Name of the Secular, The Politics of Cultural Practice, and Another Asia: Rabindranath Tagore and Okakura Tenshin. His creative and conceptual involvement with Arna-Jharna: The Desert Museum of Rajasthan is a continuation of his collaboration with the late Komal Kothari on a book entitled Rajasthan: An Oral History, which was drawn out of extensive conversations. Committed to both the theoretical and practical dimensions of the relationship between culture and development, he is interested in exploring how the Arna-Jharna Museum can test the principles of a grassroots museology in the 21st century.
Kuldeep Kothari Kuldeep Kothari - Executive Director

Son of the late Komal Kothari, Kuldeep Kothari joined Rupayan Sansthan in 1998 where he served as the assistant director for a number of projects funded by the Ford Foundation and the India Foundation for the Arts. He has played a key role in organizing the international performances and concerts of Rajasthani folk musicians in numerous locations in Europe, the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. His early career involved intensive hands-on experience in running an advertising agency in Jodhpur, which was followed by his position as a marketing head for theRajasthan Patrika and Patrika TV in Jaipur. Presently, he is a member of the Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Akademi in Jodhpur; a Committee Member of States Museums in the Jodhpur Division; and a Member of the Award Selection Committee of Marudhara Kolkata for nomination of folk performers in Rajasthan.
Madan Meena Madan Meena - Curator/Designer

Madan Meena is a visual artist and researcher. He has worked extensively with artists and craftspersons from local communities in Rajasthan. His doctoral dissertation from University of Rajasthan was on the 'Art of the Meena Tribes'. He continues to work as a researcher with the women of the Meena tribe and has documented and exhibited theirmandana wall paintings across the country. He has published two books on the subject,Joy of Creativity and Nurturing Walls. As a visual artist, Madan has exhibited his work extensively in various galleries across the country. The simplicity and ingenuity of the idea of working with brooms attracted him to the project. He has been able to effectively channelize his experience. As he says, “For me this project is about a world I grew up in and know closely.”
Anil Sharma Anil Sharma - Museum Manager

Anil Sharma is a commerce graduate from Jodhpur University with extensive experience in managing the logistics and labour of small to medium sized projects. After working in salt manufacturing at the Kandla port, he became an entrepreneur/ proprietor in limestone mining. Landscaping, electricity, water-harvesting, and fire protection are the important tasks of the museum that have been implemented under his supervision.
Tripti Vyas Tripti Vyas - Communications Director

Tripti Vyas has a background in academics, media-publishing and arts funding. She has taught English Literature to undergraduates at a college affiliated to the University of Mumbai for nearly a decade. After heading the editorial team at IMS Publications Mumbai, for a couple of years, she moved to the India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore where she managed their Special Grants programme. During her tenure with IFA, she developed an interest in Rajasthani culture and later joined the museum team to develop its communications and outreach programme.
Sharwan Kumar Meghwal Sharwan Kumar Meghwal - Researcher

Sharwan Kumar Meghwal is a postgraduate in Rajasthani literature. Associated with Rupayan Sansthan for over eight years, he has worked closely with Komal Kothari. He has conducted extensive fieldwork on grasses, brooms and broom-making communities. His understanding of local beliefs and languages has facilitated the research work of the museum at grassroot levels.
Praveen Singh Rathore Praveen Singh Rathore - Audio-Visuals

Praveen Singh Rathore manages the audio-visual aspects of the museum's research. Initially a self-taught technician, he has received training in audio-video archiving at the American Resource Centre for Ethnomusicology (ARCE), Gurgaon. Working with the museum has been a tremendous learning experience for him. He likes taking up new challenges and considers that he has just begun his journey.

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